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Tours and Attractions

bintan tour & attractions

bintan tour

Bintan Tours

Explore the beautiful place in Bintan Island, give you experience that can't find in another place.

  • Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek

    Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek
    Challenge the 340 metre high mountain of Gunung Bintan and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the summit. Trek through Bintan's rainforest and see giant tree which are more than 40 metres tall. Catch a glimpse of rare animals such as the Silver Leaf monkey, Sun Birds, eagles and many more. Step under the waterfall to receive a shower of blessings according to local tradition.
  • Lagoi Park & Reservoir

    lagoi park
    By far, this is the largest reservoir on the island, spreading over an area of 14.7 square kilometers and holding some 6 million cubic meters of water. Visit the park especially to enjoy the serenity and peace amongst lush greenery and cool, refreshing breeze.
  • Sri Bintan Kampung Eco Tour

    Explore the traditional Indonesian "Kampung" (local village) of Sri Bintan and get a glimpse of the daily lifestyle of the villagers. See pandan leaves woven into usable products, and rubber tapping. Tour includes a local lunch featuring kampung dishes.
  • Mangrove Discovery Tour

    Discover the diverse ecological wildlife that exists beneath the aweinspiring serenity of our mangrove forest. Keep a lookout for the elusive Purple Heron and the signature yellow and black banded mangrove snake.
  • Tanjung Uban Explorer

    Known for its quaint and rustic atmosphere, this town gives visitors a chance to sample a truly authentic small town experience. Drive through the rustic charm of this seaside fishing village and stop by the beach for a fresh coconut.
  • Traditional Fishing Tour

    Learn to fish the traditional way! Ride on an authentic sampan along the Sebung River. Cast the jala (fishing net) to trawl fishes. Entrap crabs and fishes with bubu (wire trap) and injab (bamboo trap).
  • Tanjung Pinang Free and Easy

    Tanjung Pinang has various tourism objects, Domestic tourism, cultural art and its natural beauty, also many kind of traditional foods in Malay taste and the interesting customs from the Kings of Sultanate Malay.

bintan attraction

Bintan Attractions

Set your adrenaline pumping and psyche up for a body workout with some attraction that available in Bintan Island, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Go-Kart, Power Paintball, Riding Elephant, and try some game at Adventure Training Center.

  • Bintan Elephant Park

    Home to seven Sumatran elephants, Bintan Elephant Park offers a wonderful interactive adventure! Take an elephant ride into the forest. Feed the elephants. Or simply sit back and enjoy our elephant show.
  • Go Kart Track

    Strap on your helmet and step on it at our Go-Kart track! Race around the track with your friends and bring out the latent race drive in you!.
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

    Set your adrenaline pumping and psyche up for a body workout with an ATV ride. Drive through our jungle trails specially designed with sharp bends and steep slopes for that heart-stopping ride. Or take the ATV for a wide ride freely along our white sandy beaches and feel the rush of wind against your face.
  • Focus Adventure Training Center

    Game for something different that would give you more significant and lasting results? Discover highly impactful experience-based learning programmes! Training activities are diverse, ranging from thematic games, sea sport, tlematches to abstacle rope courses.
  • Power Paintball

    A fun and exciting activity you must not miss! Test your tactical skills through an exciting game of Paintball. Strategies your own game jam-packed with actions.
  • Dolphin Lodge

    Dolphin Lodge is a Dolphin Island Sanctuary just 35 mins my boat off Bintan Island. Watch the Bottlenose Dolphins display their natural talents and skills. Experience the thrill and joy of interacting with these friendly dolphins face-to-face.