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esco celebrating 30years - 2008

Speech by Mr Lim Lay Yew,
Chief Executive Officer
at the annual Dinner & Dance 2006

United Nations @ Esco - a young old company

Let me start by extending a warm welcome to all of you - fellow Esco-Elites - here tonight celebrating the 29th Anniversary of the founding of Esco. Our fellow Esco-Elites in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Chile, India, USA join us in celebrating this auspicious day in spirit if not physically. We have some representatives though from Indonesia and China. May they please stand up and let us give them a warm welcome.

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esco - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems


On this small island, there is a special company
Where staff regardless of race and religion
Are bonded together heart and soul
And everyone plays an important role

Where challenging work can be found
And staff do not mind going the extra mile
Just to make sure our cabinets are all over the world
To ensure that our name, image and prestige spread around

Where the management makes an effort
To let the staff work in comfort
Talks and lessons are conducted
So that mistakes can be prevented

Where staff voices are heard
And no suggestion is considered weird
Everyone works hard to form
A company that can withstand rain and storm

Where on earth can this company be?
I will tell you proudly and with glee
An answer you cannot contradict
For this is the unique PT. Esco Bintan Indonesia indeed